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It all started with a crawfish pond and a dream.

Acadia Cooks: Our 4 Favorite Crawfish Appetizers

Just because the crawfish season is coming to an end doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating crawfish. While less live crawfish means less boils, crawfish tails - which can be frozen and used year-round - can be cooked in a variety of fun and simple dishes. Here are...

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A’s All Around: The Basics of Crawfish “Grading”

It’s June and that means that crawfish season is nearing its end, which is sad. But that also means crawfish are larger and more plentiful than the rest of the season, which isn’t sad! Now is a better time than ever to call some buds, drink some beer, and eat some...

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Acadia’s Guide to Peeling Crawfish

Here at Acadia Crawfish, we’ve been serving up crawfish since 1991. The history of Louisiana crawfish is an important part of our culture, and something that we proudly treasure. With spring in full swing, and April and May bringing out some of the best our ponds and...

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A Brief History of the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival

Held every year in May since 1960, The Crawfish Festival brings people from all over the world to the crawfish capital of the world. For three days, the city puts on a celebration honoring South Louisiana’s favorite crustacean alongside world-class musicians, Cajun...

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Acadia Cooks: Crawfish Étouffée

A classic dish in Cajun culture, crawfish étouffée is the perfect way to wind down crawfish season or entertain a large group without getting the boiling equipment out. And, as long as you have the time to let it cook properly, it’s a fairly easy dish that’s sure to...

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Boiling Basics: Caring for Your Crawfish Before the Boil

April and May are, typically, some of the best months for crawfish. And with Easter, Memorial Day and the start of warmer weather all happening during that time, families all over flock outside and get their barbecue pits started and boiling pots warmed up. But, for...

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Boiling Basics: How to Boil Crawfish for Beginners

Boiling crawfish, to many, is a method of cooking South Louisiana’s favorite mud-covered delicacies that seems far out of reach. From the equipment required to the handling and seasoning of a large sack of live crustaceans, it can be overwhelming. But, with the right...

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When is Crawfish Season?

In many respects, crawfish season in Louisiana can be as elusive as finding the baby in the King Cake during Mardi Gras. That isn’t to say that there aren’t better times of the year to find crawfish. There are. It’s just that so many factors must align to determine...

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