In many respects, crawfish season in Louisiana can be as elusive as finding the baby in the King Cake during Mardi Gras.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t better times of the year to find crawfish. There are. It’s just that so many factors must align to determine when crawfish season actually is that it is nearly impossible to give a start and end date to the season.

Fortunately, the start of crawfish season in Louisiana does come with a few hints that let you know when it’s time to buy. But, even once the season does start, pricing, size and general availability can be as varied as boudin is from shop to shop.

When is the Best Time to Find Crawfish?

Both Louisiana and Texas have a crawfish season. However, the best time of the year to buy crawfish in Louisiana tends to run longer in our state than our neighbor’s. (Lucky us!)

When the temperatures are exceptionally warm, crawfish season runs from November to July. But really, an eight-month crawfish season tends to be unusual. Sure, if the winter runs on the warm side and if there is plenty of rain, then you may find crawfish in abundance on holiday tables around the Gulf. But, if you’re planning on having an outdoor crawfish boil to help you celebrate some holiday, it’s best that you plan on having that crawfish boil for Mardi Gras. That’s the time of year when Louisiana’s swamps and bayous get plenty of rain – typically from March to May.

Additionally, if you source your crawfish through a crawfish farm like us, you can eat crawfish during less-typical months as well as throughout the prime time of the season. That’s because we make sure to take care of our ponds and keep the crawfish in them growing well through the season as best as the season will allow.

How Much Will I Pay for Crawfish in Season?

Crawfish can run you anywhere from less than $2.00 per pound to almost $7.00 per pound, depending on the season and size of the crawfish. When a season is bad, that means quality crawfish is hard to find, which can mean higher prices and incredibly limited availability.

If you’re planning your next boil, come see us at Acadia Crawfish. Aside from providing you with Louisiana’s most delicious crawfish in season and the best seasoning blend on the market, we’ll even teach you our secrets on the perfect way to cook your new mudbugs!