If there’s one thing you know about Cajuns, it’s our love for seasoning. So when it came to creating our line of proprietary Cajun Bayou Blends, you can bet we put our hearts into every recipe as an ode to our family’s love of flavor. And BAW do we love flavor! That passion shows in each and every seasoning we make, and we’re dishing out tips and tricks guaranteed to kick your meals up a notch…or two! 

Slap Dat on Everything, Cher! 

When we say all purpose seasoning, we mean it! It doesn’t matter if it flies, swims or crawls, you can sprinkle on anything from protein to veggies and more. Packed with a mix of spices and seasonings true to Cajun Country (cayenne, paprika, garlic and onion), our blends deliver bold flavor that spice up any kitchen table. Mix it in pasta, crawfish etouffee, fried fixins, and anything you can fit on the grill for the ultimate kick. Watching your salt intake? Don’t worry, cher! We’ve got no MSG and no sodium blends too, so you never have to risk flavor. 

A common misconception about South Louisiana’s food is that it’s all EXTRA SPICY. If  you’ve ever been a skeptic, let us be the first to tell you that you have it all wrong. Of course we love a good kick, but it’s not a “drink a full glass of milk while sweatin’” kind of kick. It’s about rich flavor and bold profiles of savory, smoky goodness that warm the back of your throat with each bite. Sprinkle a little or sprinkle a lot! Whatever your preference, this universal mix promises a ton of flavor to liven up any southern fare. 

Boiled and Fried with Southern Pride 

Crawfish season may be is at its close, but summer boils are still in full swing. Boils aren’t just about the food, it’s about the experience – sunshine, ice-cold beers, good company, great conversation and the smell of claws brewing…that’s Cajun Heaven! Our dry and liquid boils deliver a boost of bold to fish, crawfish, shrimp and crabs alike. PRO TIP: Throw in some potatoes, corn, garlic cloves and sausages for some added lagniappe to your pot! Our boil products are loaded with the perfect amount of Cajun cayenne powder, red pepper and garlic, so you can layer on the flavor to your heart’s content.

If it’s ever too hot to fire up the pot, we love nothing more than frying up tasty crustaceans for some down-home, tried-and-true southern fried comfort. And if you ever see someone seasoning their food after it’s hit the grease, grab your stuff and run far away! The key to cooking up perfectly crispy Cajun critters is all in the mix—a seasoned mix that is. It ensures the proteins lock in the most flavor, and Cajun Bayou Blends offer the proper crispy, golden outside and juicy, tender inside you’re looking for. Made with cornmeal and our secret seasoning blend, our mixes make for seamless batter that culinary enthusiasts at any skill set can appreciate. Psst – Try frying up our crawfish tails for an unbelievable punch of flavor! We may be biased, but it’s hands down the best seafood for frying. 

Certified Cajun

While we’re sure you’ve heard your fair share of authenticity claims from many swamp-based seasoning brands, you can rest assured that every product from Acadia Crawfish is truly ‘Certified Cajun’. Whether you’re boiling, frying and or simply seasoning we’ve got tips, tricks and products for all your Cajun needs. For more Acadia Crawfish cravings, shop our online store!